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Animal Hospital in Des Moines, IA

Dr. Gustafson dreamed of being a Veterinary Doctor since the age of 8 years old. He always loved animals and caring for them came naturally. He never wanted to pursue any other career and from childhood, veterinary care was his passion and focus. For almost 4 decades now, Dr. Gustafson has dedicated his adult life to living out his childhood dream of caring for animals professionally.
In 1979, Dr. Gustafson began practicing animal medicine. and continues his professional calling in Des Moines, IA every day at Southview Animal Clinic.
Examining Kitten - Veterinarian in Des Moines, IA
We specialize in personalized care where your pet sees the same doctor every time. We strive to treat our patients with the same care that we give our own pets in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Our staff, besides Dr. Gustafson, includes his wife, Susan (practice manager), Kelli (veterinary technician), and Nichole (veterinary assistant).
Services include radiology, surgery (soft tissue and some orthopedic procedures), behavior counseling, in-patient and out-patient medicine, dental procedures, bathing, laboratory testing, electrocardiography, nutritional counseling, doppler blood pressure, prescription and general pet foods, prescription and over-the-counter medicine
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